About Us

Recruitroo is a prominent international recruitment firm based in Cork and Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded with a mission to use software to simplify and enhance the international recruitment process for both employers and candidates.

Recruitroo's services are designed to support Irish and UK companies that aim to source international talent across a range of industries. The platform provides a pool of potential employees who have registered and created profiles, enabling employers to assess and select candidates based on their specific requirements.

The company's innovative platform offers unique features that set it apart in the recruitment industry. One of these is the video-based profiles, which provide a comprehensive picture of a candidate's skills, personality, and current working environment, going beyond what a traditional CV might offer. This helps employers to quickly evaluate core skills, assess language and communication ability, and appreciate the context in which candidates are currently working.


Once a candidate has been selected and contracts have been signed, Recruitroo uses its advanced automation technologies to handle all aspects of immigration and relocation. Their system tracks the status of immigration paperwork and applications, prompting all stakeholders when an action is required. They also handle all the necessary work to ensure the candidate can work legally in the UK or Ireland, including the labour market needs test, permits, and visas.

Recruitroo has achieved notable success and recognition for its innovative approach to international recruitment. They were the proud recipients of the UCC Startup of the Year for 2022, an award acknowledging the company's effective use of technology to simplify and enhance the recruitment process.

With their commitment to innovation and a proven track record of success, Recruitroo has become a trusted partner for companies seeking to hire internationally. The company looks forward to continuing to provide its valuable services and contribute to the growth and success of businesses in Ireland and the UK.